Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So it's been a while

But hey, I forgot my password what can I say??

Kaeden's first birthday was today. I don't know if I have ever been happier than seeing my boy open presents and tear into a chocolate cake.

The pictures and videos can be seen on this site. Enjoy.


Monday, May 7, 2007

Stone Age

Ugh. No internet, phone or TV until the ground thaws out long enough for them to dig and make the lines. That will hopefully be by the end of the month.

We got moved in all good and stuffs, Chad and I have just been unpacking and trying to get everything all settled in. That's really all there is to update for now. As soon as we get up and running I'll be posting pics of the new house!

Friday, April 27, 2007

not disappearing

this will probably be the last night i will have internet for a week or two. im not gone, just without interwebz

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

becoming an eskimo isn't easy

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates, it's amazing how much stuff has to be done in such a short period.

Here's the Kaeden update:
Growing a bushel. He learned how to flush the toilet this week, and is working on learning the word "no". My gosh, this kid loves to go for the dog food. He seems to take things in stride on some days, but others he is just so upset. A combo of teething, not having any toys, and living in a 300 sq ft area; I'm sure. Here is a pic I just took, sorry it's sideways I don't feel like changing it.

Here's the Chad and I update:
We are fine. In fact, we really love what we have seen so far. It's beautiful up here. The air is really dry here, so it doesn't seem as cold but its doing a number on my skin.

Here's the housing situation:
Everything was accepted. We were supposed to take early occupancy Saturday, but some paper work on the new construction wasn't finished so we have to wait until Wednesday. We will probably stay with our friends on base for a couple days so that we can actually cook a good meal or two and not be in a hotel for once in a month. We had the walkthrough today for the house, so everything seems peachy.

We saw moose today. In fact I took this pic while we were stopped at a red light. Crazy huh?

I am thinking of getting a vanity plate for my car since they are all the same price here....any one have any suggestions???

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Short update!

Okay our offer was accepted although we haven't seen it on paper, so while things aren't official yet it is good enough for me! Here are some pics of our new place.

The specs for those who don't know:

It's considered a condo, so we are in like a duplex style. It is new constuction, we don't even have a driveway yet (haha), almost 1600 sq ft, 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage. In the neighboorhood there will be 15 units (so 30 couples) living there. There is an elementry school RIGHT across the street so there are no sex offenders close by. Also if we stay here when Kaeden goes to school I can watch him walk across the street right into the front door. Just keep praying things go our way.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Long story short...

We are here. It's beautiful. Looking for a house to live in. Put in offer today. Find out tomorrow if it's accepted. Say prayers. In extended stay hotel now. Really need to do laundry. Tired of fast food. Kaeden is teething horribly. Miss my best friend, and Ella too. Boobs.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The last olive garden

Since there isn't an olive garden in Anchorage we just gorged ourselves on soup, salad and breadsticks. Oh, and I can't forget the bellini tea. We really haven't done much today. We just went to the coin laundry place to do laundry before we get on the ferry tomorrow. We don't leave until 6pm pacific time, but I still feel like this is our last day here. I hope we get to see some whales on the ferry ride, I'd love to get some great pics of wildlife. Well, since I don't have too much to say I won't waste too much time. I won't be updating on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday unless we happen to have internet on the ferry (seriously doubt it). So here goes the second part of our journey.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just another day

We actually got to sleep in today which was nice. We also decided to check out of the Best Western since they were charging us $80 per day for the pets where as Holiday Inn Express charges $15 for the whole stay, needless to say we are at the Holiday Inn now. We went by and checked out the port we will be leaving from and then went to the mall to find some clothes. Kaeden got his first Build-A-Bear, we actually it's a monkey. I showed him all of the different ones that he could get and when we passed by the monkey we grabbed for it and made it fairly obvious that was the one he wanted to chew on the most. When we got to the stuffing machine I let him stand on the switch to make the stuffing come out and he got really scared. So I comforted him and then he picked out his own heart to go inside. So now we have a new addition for the trip and his name is Nanners.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


We are in Bellingham, WA! This is the place we are catching our ferry on Friday. So we have a few days just to chill out. Today was good, we hit snow in Idaho and in Washington so Chad got to deal with that. It wasn't so bad, in fact is was beautiful! Kaeden went swimming last night in the pool; it was his first time. After he got used to the water being really cold he had a lot of fun. I will post some pictures later; I'm being too lazy right now. Well, I gotta go make Kaeden some food.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Are those clouds or are those mountains?

Passing into Montana we encounter endless rolling hills of white snowy goodness. Not really a whole lot to blog today other than that Montana is by far the most beautiful state we have been through as yet. The mountains and rivers are simply gorgeous. They give you that, I'm happy to be alive, feeling. Kaeden is getting a bit sick with a sniffly nose but other than that he is a fantastic car rider. The only time today that he cried was 5 minutes outside of Missoula, MT which is where we are now. Oh yeah and if you are ever in Missoula then go to eat at Johnny Carino's....DAMN GOOD FOOD. For those of you closely following my gas mileage stories....there will be no more. Ethanol still sucks.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Eventful Easter

So I was kinda bummed out that this was Kaedens first easter and there wasn't going to be much going on besides a car ride. Boy, was I wrong. Not only did he get an easter basket from the hotel we stayed in last night, but he also got to see Mount Rushmore; as you can see from the pics below.

My mom called somewhere in South Dakota, we didn't have service but I knew if she was calling Chad's phone it wasn't a good sign. My mamaw (my great grandmother) passed away this morning. She was 99 and really not doing well at all. My nana and her sisters were taking care of her at home, but not being as youthful as they once were it was starting to take its toll on them too. I am very bittersweet right now. On one hand, I don't want anyone to die. On the other hand, I don't want anyone to suffer. What better day to go home to the Lord on Easter Sunday, too. Even though Kaeden won't remember it I am so glad he got to meet his great great grandmother.

We are in WY now. The town we are staying in is hella small. We have a Mcdonalds, taco johns, and pizza hut. FUN! It is VERY beautiful here, but hard to get a good picture while going 75 MPH. Our next stop is Montana!

Great Faces Great Places

The night was wonderful with much more sleep than the previous two days, thanks Kaeden! We woke this morning to 11 degree weather but strangely it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. The hotel we stayed in, Comfort Inn, left K an Easter bag of candy which was really nice. Since we got a late start on the day we also enjoyed the free breakfast which got us going. After reading last night about my horrible gas mileage I found that this "GASOHOL" shit they have up here, 10% Ethanol mix, was killing my mileage along with going a little too fast with that crap strapped to the roof of my car. So I slowed down to 70mph even though the limit is 75 and i got some regular gas...BOOM from 10 to 16mpg like that! We were making good time so when we got into Keystone, SD we decided to go see Mt. Rushmore!!! It is truely more amazing in person than I could have ever imagined. It was 27 degrees and snowing a bit so K wasn't too happy but the 15 minutes that we were there were breathtaking. We ate some lunch at Taco Bell and headed to Buffalo, WY where the mountains are gorgeous....more later

Saturday, April 7, 2007

corn, corn, and um yeah more corn

So overall today was uneventful but when driving across the country that is very well a good thing. We left Columbia, MO early this morning while it was a lovely 22 degrees, thank god for my parka. the drive drug on across plains of nothing but corn for miles which was nice because traffic was almost non-existant. on the bad side of things the Tahoe is getting increasingly poor gas milage. We started the trip already getting a horrible 14mpg due to the big luggage carrier on the roof which is anything but aerodynamic. As we trudged along I found I had to stop more and more often, each time with less miles to the tank. Arriving here in Sioux Falls, SD we bottomed out at 10.5mpg. If this trend continues we might not make it due to lack of gas stations. Wish us luck

Friday, April 6, 2007

I have a feeling we're not in the south anymore

Alright so our day started at around 5am and we got on the road around 630 or so. After 600 miles we are finally in Columbia, MO. We went through 5 states today. WOW. Kaeden has officially been in as many states as he is months old (8). Kaeden did super well on the trip today, I can only pray he will do as well tomorrow; and for the rest of the trip as far as that goes. It's cold here. I mean cold. I think when Chad looked it up just a minute ago it was 26 feels like 9. Holy Moly! We went over the mason dixon line today which is the saddest thing I have ever had to do. Here is a picture of the Ohio River right before we cross the KY boarder.

Here are some pics of the arch in St Louis. I think its called "the gateway to the west"

I should have known that I wasn't in the south anymore and that I was probably not going to be able to order sweet tea, but I tried anyway and failed miserably. The waitress said "We have tea, and sweetener." I wanted to say, "Do I talk funny to you?" but I didn't.

Oh yeah I had a great moment this morning while getting breakfast at the Krystal. It for sure gave me a wonderful lasting memory of Chattanooga. So the girl inside got my order wrong, no big deal I just let her know what I ordered. She proceeds to start yelling and the guy who made it and was like "This is supposed to be an original scrambler compende mother F-er." It was so crazy. Then she hands me my bag o' food and says "sorry about that have a GREAT day" LMAO.

Well, I am going to try to compress the suitcases down to just one since I know it will be cold the next couple of places we are going.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Never good at goodbyes

I hate saying good bye, but sometimes you have to. That being said we got everything packed up today and we will be headed out around 5am tomorrow morning. I got my hair done today. It's a darker color with some carmel highlights and I got it cut all funky. I'm still unsure of what I think of it at this time, but everyone else says they like it. Anyway, I'm really tired and I know I'll be getting up really early tomorrow. Our first stop is going to be in or around Columbia, MO.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Nothing creative to put here

Today was good. It finally rained HORRAY! Hopefully the pollen count will go down now. I went to the cemetary with Gran and Aunt Linda today. Chad took Kaeden to see his Aunt Gloria, and he said they had a great time. I took Jamie some flowers, and I got to spend some time just sitting there talking to her. It felt so good to have some time alone with "her" to say "I love you, I miss you." So that was that. I cried, I takled and I got it all out. I know I'm rambling at this point. Gran, Aunt Linda and I went out to lunch at Chilis after we finished out in the country. I came home and Kaeden was having his first dinner with meat in it; he seemed to really like it. Chad and I took Kaeden back over to Aunt Lindas house to look at some memory sticks of Jamies. It was all pictures of her senior trip. What a beautiful girl. Well, that is pretty much all that went on. So I'll wrap this up.

Oh, Kaeden says "Happy 9 months, Ella"

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tomorrow is just another day and I don't believe in time

Today was a fabulous day. The whole fam went to JCPenny to get portraits made. Yep thats right all 10 of us! They turned out so great! We won't get them back until we are already on the ferry so my mom will have to send them to us. We went and saw Tresa and Charles. It is so crazy to me how Hannah was "little Hannah" just a few years ago and she is so grown up. Crazy. Anyway, the story of the day....

This probably won't be funny to some. I guess maybe you just have to know my family or you would have had to be there but try to imagine this as much as you can.

Lebron desides to take the vette out since it has been nice this weekend and we needed to take 2 cars anyway. After we got done with pictures we all went out to eat at Logans. We are all set to go home and are stopped at a red light. So mom, Lexi, Kaeden and I are behind nana and papaw in their Lincoln. Dube and Chad are next to them in the vette. My nana thinks shes gonna be all funny and says to Dube, "If I were driving I'd smoke you" or something to that effect. Well the light turns green and my papaw nails it. Tires squal, white smoke out the dual exhaust, etc. Lebron doesn't even know what to think at this point and is left in the smoke. He finally gets his act together and takes off. I am watching my papaw and my step dad race down Hixson Pike it is probably the single funniest thing I have ever witnessed. I can hear my nana cussing from 10 car lengths back.

Ahhh....so that was that. We are watching a movie now. I'm hoping I can beg Chad to take me for ice cream.

UPDATE- she didn't have to beg she got ice cream anyway

Friday, March 30, 2007

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away

I didn't post yesterday because I felt like I was saying the same stuff over and over again. Then this morning I realised I had more to say than normal! We took Kaeden to the playground for the first time ever. While he seemed mostly dis interested I think he liked the swings okay. Here is a picture I took. It was really hot and the pollen count was super high so we didn't keep him out there for too long.

Then I took this picture not last night but the night before while Kaeden was taking a bath. My mom was playing with him and had him laughing like crazy. I truly think this is one of the cutest pictures I have captured on film in a LONG time.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2100 +

That's the pollen count here. It's freaking crazy! Again, another lazy day. We got our Garmin today; the thing rocks! Lebron found out he doesn't have lukemia so that is so great. On the other hand, they still don't know whats up. We went to Old Navy to get our shirts for pictures this weekend, they jacked up our ticket so I will have to go back. I can't believe tax here is 9.25%; INSANE! Chad fixed some kind of pulley or something on the Tahoe. It was 100% needed it just squeaked and annoyed him. Kaeden is saying "dada" like a champ!! I guess I'm headed to bed now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dancing with the stars

Damn. I love that show. Joey Fatone is kicking some butt. Chad and I didn't do anything today. Well, he rushed off to the post office for what he thought was the GPS, instead it was the car pack carrier thingie. We just went to nanas for dinner. It was so good. Chad and I have a date Friday night. YAY!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Not much going on

We went to lunch at Ichiban today, thats about it. After lunch we went to nanas and hung out. Chad grilled out some chicken and shrimp for dinner. YUM! Kaeden's been walking around his activity table. Hmmmmm, yeah thats all thats going on. Sorry so boring!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


It is such a beautiful day here in Chattanooga. We got up for breakfast that my dad had cooked and spent some of the afternoon just hanging out over there. After Grans we just went over to nanas and sat around too. Kaeden has been saying "dada" for the past couple days, but today he looked at Chad and said it. Nothing too crazy going on today, just a lot of lounging. We are headed out in a bit to go to the Comedy Catch with uncle Mike and Lisa.

UPDATE: Comedy Catch was a hit. Chad and I had so much fun. Kaeden was even good for my mom and asleep when we got home, YAY!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a day

Today I feel like crap. I still have a fever, and I know I am being cranky but I can't help it. My dad came down today and we went and had pictures made. They turned out really well.

My gran held a big get together with my aunts and uncles it was pretty cool. Well, Kaeden in getting into all kinds of stuff so I gotta get him situated.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Eating ur Krystalz stealing ur interwebz

I guess I'm not really stealing if its free, but still. We are somewhere in GA on our way to ATL. As I went to bed last night I felt like crap and I just KNEW I was going to wake up sick. That's just what I did; 101 degree fever. Talk about crappy. My body aches, I have the chills, I should have gotten my flu shot. Thankfully I slept from Tampa to here. I went to bed about 130 got up at 330 so I was pretty beat. Kaeden has been realy good so far, I just pray it continues. We probably have about 2 1/2 hrs to ATL then 2 hrs from ATL to CHA. Well, Chad's giving me the "wrap it up sign" so wish my luck on the rest of the trip. Some get well vibes would also be much appriciiated.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just. Not. Happy.

Argh. I've had a bad day. Last night we went to eat with one of Chad's friends and stayed out way to late. Kaeden normally gets bath and bed at 8, he didn't sleep until 1. I've been so tired all day because normally I don't sleep that late. I met Liz and Ella at the mall yesterday and that was fun just shopping around and having some girl time. On a random whim we decided to change their clothes and have their picture made with the Easter Bunny. It turned out perfect.

Today all we have done is just be lazy around the house. Ella is sick today so our trip to the park got canceled. I am worried about her. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. I realise I do this thing where I want to take the blame for everything, even if it isn't my fault. This usually gets me in more trouble because people don't like people who appologise for stuff. Does that make sense? Oh well, either way...I feel like part of the reason Ella is sick is because of K. I really felt like his messy poops were just him teething. It's hard to know your kid might be sick when he has no fever and seems perfectly fine.

Either way, I guess I am just in a bad mood because I hate being the last to know something. Especially from someone I consider a close friend. I don't know why I care so much, it's not like I make a big effort anyway. Kaeden has been in such a fowl ass mood today. I guess its because he didn't sleep until freaking 1:00 last night. It sucks to not want to hang out with people without kids because they just don't understand.

Anyway, we are leaving Tampa at 5am tomorrow. We get to ATL around 12 and my parents are picking me up. My child is freaking screaming his head off. Better pick him up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

day at the zoo

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!!!

Today was Kaeden's first trip to the zoo! I wasn't so sure that he would really be excited about it but after hearing him squeal at the tiger as it paced back and forth I knew he was having a good time. Our fearless son even grabbed him a handful of stingray while exclaiming, this one's for you Steve!

So yea, Chad, Kaeden and I met Liz and Ella at the zoo today. They were both such good kiddos it was great! I think combined we took over 200 pictures, overall it was a really great day. Kaeden really seemed to like the fish in the aquarium and I'm pretty sure he thought touching a string ray was cool. We ended up meeting Brandon at Macaroni Grill. It was my first time there, it was YUM! I'm pretty sure the kids really enjoy each others company. There was some hand holding, and hair stroking, but no licking this time.

Here are some more cute pics:

Monday, March 19, 2007

Not a millionaire.

Today has gone by so fast. I guess because the 3 of us slept until 10:30. We were supposed to go see Beth out in St. Pete today, but those plans fell through. Since we already had Kaeden in the car we went to the mall (I know AGAIN) and to lunch with Elizabeth and Ella.

So the most joyus thing happens. Chad gets Kaeden dressed in the new outfit we bought him yesterday and goes to put him in the car. I don't see Kaeden in the outfit at all. Well, he has been so stinky lately with some crazy gas. Chad said he heard him on the way to the mall, and then he smelled something. We didn't think too much about it; like I said he had gas. We decided Steak and Shake was our meal of choice and Chad got Kaeden out of the car seat. As Chad is going to put Kaeden around his waist. I notice poop, of the mustard consistancy, and color ALL over Kaeden's leg and foot. I mean so much that it was dripping on the the pavement. I have never seen so much poop in all my life. We finally get Kaeden cleaned up; thankfully we had a towel in the back of the car. Chad couldn't find the spare outfit in my diaper bag, so I went walking through the mall with K just in a diaper to Children's Place to get him another outfit. If I had seen a mom like me walking through the mall with just a baby in a diaper on, I would have been so quick to judge. I can hear myself now, "That lady needs to put some clothes on her kid." My have my feelings changed now. Either way I was for sure the brand new outfit was ruined, but alas thanks to oxy clean it is good as new. I found out in the process Children's Place spring sale starts tomorrow. OH GOODY!

Chad got his parka today. Like I said we met up with E and mini E and had some yummies at Bennagins. I guess it was the babies first date, you could say they went out for drinks. Elizabeth got some of the cutest pics of them drinking out of their sippies side by side. If I'd stop being so lazy and post this from the lap top, I could post pics. You know me though, lazy lazy lazy.

Well, thats that. Chad has made me laugh so much over IM I have lost my place. I'll update again if anything cool happens.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


So things have been busy since Chad got here. We spent some time yesterday planning our trip. He grilled out some fish and it was SO good. I got the cutest Vera Bradley purse and wallet thanks to Chad's mom. It's pink. I <3 it.

E and I finally got together today. It was so good to finally meet someone I consider my best friend. Kaeden and Ella really hit it off. I hope it's not just summer love. LOL. There is some cute pictures and cute vids I'll have to put up soon. We went to International Plaza. Damn, if I had some money.....

Speaking of that I need to check the lotto ticket Chad bought last night. BRB. Hopefully a millionaire.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

T minus 20 hours

Until I see Chad. Man, being apart sucks. It has gotten better over the years though. I can remember when I didn't even want to leave the room. Today was a sloooow day. All I did was sit around. I'm pretty sure the weather was really nice.

There was a black snake trapped in the garage for some time until Chad's dad got home to get it out. I was flippin out. Kaeden also threw up big people food (well his mushed bananas and oranges) for the first time. It was so messy. He didn't look bothered by it, just more confused. It really broke my heart into pieces to see my little boy like that.

Thats really all that happend today. Really wish I had just let Elizabeth come over today; that way I could have at least had SOME fun today. Oh well, off to bed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On a jet plane

I missed yesterday because, well frankly, dial up sucks. So here is yesterdays update.

My Nana and papaw asked to watch Kaeden while I ran some errands, so I let them. I went to the airport to by mine and Chad's Nana's ticket; that went pretty smoothly. I did have to wait for freakin ever but that's okay. I met some friends for lunch at Roadhouse and it was really cool to play catch up. After that I swung by my Nana and papaws to get K bear and we went to Aunt Linda's house. I did some stuff for her on the computer, but still couldn't get Jamie's myspace cancelled. I will have to work on it when I get back to Tennessee. She gave me some of Jamie's clothes and shoes. They smell like her. I mean they were washed but you know how people have that "scent"; yeah its there. I love huffing it. That probably sounds pretty creepy, but when I close my eyes and hold her shirt close it feels like I'm hugging her again. I told my Aunt Linda I probably wouldn't wash it. She told me I better; so on that note I will. It just may take me until the smell of Jamie fades. Anyway, so getting to spend time with her was so nice. I love having someone I know I can cry to who isn't going to say "Don't cry hunny."

After Aunt Linda's I went back to Nana and papaws for some dinner. YUM. I know I said "Nana's house", "dinner" and "yum" all in the same sentence. My family is laughing at this. We had Zaxby's so it was "yum"! Mike and Lisa came over, and Suzanne too. It was a house full. That was pretty much it for the day; besides stopping by Grans to pick up Kaeden's toy I left at Aunt Linda's and some picture of yours truly.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...I did go to the mall and I did buy something. A new kick booty swim suit! I love it. I hope I get to use it here in Tampa.

Today has been much more eventful. Got up, headed to Nana and papaws for my daily shower and then Kaeden and I took of to the hospital to see ViVi at work. Well me being the complete moron I am goes strait into the parking garage with that soft carrier thingie on top. Yeah, it sure did get ripped off. All I could say while I was trying to park is "Uh oh, Kaeden, mommy made a boo boo" I got my mom to help me and I just took the one strap it was hanging off of down and stuck it in the back of the car; now we have to buy another one. Stupid me. Kaeden went all around the office and got to see all the ladies my mom works with and all the nurses. He went to each lady he saw it was the funniest thing. He also went to Dr. Tony. I've never seen a baby go to a pediatrician like that, but I guess when you aren't getting shots they aren't that bad. After that we went to the airport to leave for Tampa. Kaeden did so well on the flight. I was really proud of him. It took us just a little over an hour to get to Clearwater and Chad's dad picked us up.

So we are here in Tampa...YAY! Only 2 more days until Chad gets here!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

A long awaited update

You know, I never really thought I would be addicted to something, but I am. The freaking internet. I actually bought dial up to have at my moms house because I just couldn't live another day. Dial up is so slow, I swear not to have it again unless I am in a circumstance like this again.

Anyway so here is what you have missed. Don't get too excited; it's nothing crazy.

Thursday we closed on the house and everything went really well. We went to deposit the check and I was outta there. I wanted to make it to Montgomery before Kaeden threw a fit and I got what I wanted. Unfortunatly, I got out of the car to feed him and noticed two of the straps on the passenger side on the thingie that is on top of the car were undone and the whole thing had shifted and was about to fall off the driver side. No wonder people kept staring at me. I had to climb on top of the car and tighten them all down and tie knots in them. As I am on the last one some young truckers tried to help. Thanks, but you could have offered BEFORE you were staring at my ass. Anyway, I get back on the road and Kaeden pretty much went from screaming to sleeping. He did have a major, major melt down somewhere between Birmingham and Gadsen, it was horrible. Either way, we made it in one piece.

Friday my nana took me shopping and other than that we just hung out with the fam. I ate dinner with my gran and aunt linda this night.

Saturday we went up to see Jamie. My mom and I made a wreath, it turned out so well. I can't wait to post pictures. My mom made dinner for my nana, papaw, mike and lisa. So that was cool

Sunday just hung around and went to the mall again

Today: I'm sure you might be detecting a pattern...I went shopping with my Gran. She got Kaeden 4 outfits (2 for easter) and his first pair of tennis shoes. We went to the olive garden for a late lunch. I hung out with nana and papaw most of the evening; until I decided to come home and hook up the interwebs.

That's about it. I really want to get of the internet (gasp, did I just say that) and talk to Chad. Hopefully, I'll update tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Well, last night we decided to stay on base in a hotel. It really isn't like a hotel at all, it's a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house. We even have washer and dryer. They were sweet enough to put a pack and play and a high chair in there because I said we had a baby. It was much appriciated. It's also nice that we stay there for $70 for 2 days. They have everything out of our house and they are loading it on the the truck as we speak. It is such a gorgous day here. It almost makes me want to vomit at the thought I am leaving this weather behind. Although I must say it makes me sicker to think of the time I wasted here. I am going to be so far from a beach, I really should have taken advantage of it here. I didn't think I would be so sad to sell my house, but I really am. It's all empty and bare. I mean this was mine and Chads first home. We did so many things for the first time in that house; mostly bring our baby boy home to it. I know we will make new memories in our new house (either on base or one we buy), but it's still bittersweet to let this one go. I am thrilled to see my parents tomorrow. I miss my mommy!! Well, I am going to get off of here because the laptop battery is dying. This will be the last time I update, unless I go to the library in Chattanooga which is very possible.

Elizabeth, I stayed on AIM forever waiting for your hooker ass to get online. I'll txt you, especially as soon as I get to TPA.


Monday, March 5, 2007

My box in a box for you

Well, everything is in boxes now. The movers where here about 8:15 and done packing up my life by 11:30. They come tomorrow to get everything. The sellers are also coming by at 9:00 to do a "final walkthrough" whatever that means. We are set to close on the house a day earlier, Thursday at 10:00. I will be leaving around 11:00 to go to Tennessee. I know that the drive isnt' going to be as bad as I think it will be, but smooth travel vibes are appriciated. I'll probably spend most of tomorrow cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning as much as I can.

EDITED 8:25 am Tuesday March 6th-I meant to post this last night, but things got a little crazy!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Is it over?

Much like the "are we there yet" question little kids ask over and over again; the answer sadly is no. It's not over.

I meant to blog Friday with pictures because they came to get the shed out of the backyard. Nothing is more un-nerving than to look outside your backdoor and see a 12x12 shed trying to get through a 16ft space. I held my breath the whole time I was taking pictures. The hole that is left in the back yard is so unattractive, but the lady wanted it that way so so be it. I must say our back yard looks 144 sq ft bigger now. I wonder why that is?

Today we did tons of sorting, cleaning, and thowing away. The freezer is defrosting as we speak. We had to throw out so much food, I felt so wasteful. I tell myself that it wasn't ME wasting it but the movers because they won't allow foods that could spill (like opened flour, pasta, etc) The movers are all set to start tomorrow so here goes nothing!!

I talked to our realtor over the weekend and she is going to try to move up our closing date to Thursday, so we will see how that goes. On a much lighter side of things because I seem to not be really funny right now. I posted a picture of what I thought were 2 little teeth on Kaeden's gums. (They were by the way. He broke the first one today.) Anyway, I uploaded it to photobucket and I log in to Kaeden's pictures and it says "This image violated TOS" I'm thinking "What??? Those were my sons teeth how in the world did that violate TOS?" So, I go take a look at the picture, and now I think I might know why. What are your thoughts? Teeth or a violation of TOS; I swear it's teeth.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

By popular demand

I'm starting my blog now.

Okay, well only one person said to but still.

Packing is a pain in the ass. Because I have a feeling I will be saying "pain in the ass" at lot, it shall now be referred to as "PITA".

I have finally gotten mine and Kaeden's clothes packed. It is so hard trying to pack for 8 states ranging from Florida to Alaska all while trying to fit it in one suitcase. Is there any reason why Kaeden gets a bigger suitcase than mommy?

We have to have everything we are taking with us in the Tahoe by Monday morning at 8am. That blows. The movers will be here any where between 8-5, and can pack as late as 9pm. They will be here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This means I HAVE to be at home from 8-5 for 3 days. PITA.

The movers are so picky about stuff, I had to take all the batteries out of stuff before it can be packed up. No biggie right? Well it wouldn't have been if I didn't have a 7 month old. EVERY toy he owns has at least one battery.

One thing I don't understand...they won't pack my candles. This has me so "burnt up" Is that a pun? I tried to make one. Either way, I own more candles than I do batteries. I threw them all away today. Well, all but one. I am taking my Yankee Buttercream candle with me on the trip. I refuse to throw it away; that bia was like $20.

I'll try to write a spot for weather each time I blog even though it some places it really won't be that big of a deal.

Weather outlook: Weather.com currently says "Tornado Outbreak" Gee, is it an epidemic here? Either way we are under Tornado watch. I hate it. I hate even the word tornado. I've said it so many times now I will probably have a nightmare tonight.