Thursday, March 1, 2007

By popular demand

I'm starting my blog now.

Okay, well only one person said to but still.

Packing is a pain in the ass. Because I have a feeling I will be saying "pain in the ass" at lot, it shall now be referred to as "PITA".

I have finally gotten mine and Kaeden's clothes packed. It is so hard trying to pack for 8 states ranging from Florida to Alaska all while trying to fit it in one suitcase. Is there any reason why Kaeden gets a bigger suitcase than mommy?

We have to have everything we are taking with us in the Tahoe by Monday morning at 8am. That blows. The movers will be here any where between 8-5, and can pack as late as 9pm. They will be here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This means I HAVE to be at home from 8-5 for 3 days. PITA.

The movers are so picky about stuff, I had to take all the batteries out of stuff before it can be packed up. No biggie right? Well it wouldn't have been if I didn't have a 7 month old. EVERY toy he owns has at least one battery.

One thing I don't understand...they won't pack my candles. This has me so "burnt up" Is that a pun? I tried to make one. Either way, I own more candles than I do batteries. I threw them all away today. Well, all but one. I am taking my Yankee Buttercream candle with me on the trip. I refuse to throw it away; that bia was like $20.

I'll try to write a spot for weather each time I blog even though it some places it really won't be that big of a deal.

Weather outlook: currently says "Tornado Outbreak" Gee, is it an epidemic here? Either way we are under Tornado watch. I hate it. I hate even the word tornado. I've said it so many times now I will probably have a nightmare tonight.


Elizabeth said...

You should document your chaos with a photo!

Kristey said...

I agree with E!!!

Jill said...

Hey Girlie! If you need a place to crash in Portland my door is open! I have ben thinking about ya and can't wait to follow your cross country adventure.

Boobs You!