Sunday, March 4, 2007

Is it over?

Much like the "are we there yet" question little kids ask over and over again; the answer sadly is no. It's not over.

I meant to blog Friday with pictures because they came to get the shed out of the backyard. Nothing is more un-nerving than to look outside your backdoor and see a 12x12 shed trying to get through a 16ft space. I held my breath the whole time I was taking pictures. The hole that is left in the back yard is so unattractive, but the lady wanted it that way so so be it. I must say our back yard looks 144 sq ft bigger now. I wonder why that is?

Today we did tons of sorting, cleaning, and thowing away. The freezer is defrosting as we speak. We had to throw out so much food, I felt so wasteful. I tell myself that it wasn't ME wasting it but the movers because they won't allow foods that could spill (like opened flour, pasta, etc) The movers are all set to start tomorrow so here goes nothing!!

I talked to our realtor over the weekend and she is going to try to move up our closing date to Thursday, so we will see how that goes. On a much lighter side of things because I seem to not be really funny right now. I posted a picture of what I thought were 2 little teeth on Kaeden's gums. (They were by the way. He broke the first one today.) Anyway, I uploaded it to photobucket and I log in to Kaeden's pictures and it says "This image violated TOS" I'm thinking "What??? Those were my sons teeth how in the world did that violate TOS?" So, I go take a look at the picture, and now I think I might know why. What are your thoughts? Teeth or a violation of TOS; I swear it's teeth.


Jean said...

Hahaha thats great. I can see why its a TOS violation cuz there isn't anything showing that it could be something else... like eyes or an actual tooth or anything. :P Good luck moving and getting everything squared away. Safe journey!

Amanda said...

I could so tell that was a bottom lip being pulled away from the mouth though...Hope everything is going well!