Monday, March 12, 2007

A long awaited update

You know, I never really thought I would be addicted to something, but I am. The freaking internet. I actually bought dial up to have at my moms house because I just couldn't live another day. Dial up is so slow, I swear not to have it again unless I am in a circumstance like this again.

Anyway so here is what you have missed. Don't get too excited; it's nothing crazy.

Thursday we closed on the house and everything went really well. We went to deposit the check and I was outta there. I wanted to make it to Montgomery before Kaeden threw a fit and I got what I wanted. Unfortunatly, I got out of the car to feed him and noticed two of the straps on the passenger side on the thingie that is on top of the car were undone and the whole thing had shifted and was about to fall off the driver side. No wonder people kept staring at me. I had to climb on top of the car and tighten them all down and tie knots in them. As I am on the last one some young truckers tried to help. Thanks, but you could have offered BEFORE you were staring at my ass. Anyway, I get back on the road and Kaeden pretty much went from screaming to sleeping. He did have a major, major melt down somewhere between Birmingham and Gadsen, it was horrible. Either way, we made it in one piece.

Friday my nana took me shopping and other than that we just hung out with the fam. I ate dinner with my gran and aunt linda this night.

Saturday we went up to see Jamie. My mom and I made a wreath, it turned out so well. I can't wait to post pictures. My mom made dinner for my nana, papaw, mike and lisa. So that was cool

Sunday just hung around and went to the mall again

Today: I'm sure you might be detecting a pattern...I went shopping with my Gran. She got Kaeden 4 outfits (2 for easter) and his first pair of tennis shoes. We went to the olive garden for a late lunch. I hung out with nana and papaw most of the evening; until I decided to come home and hook up the interwebs.

That's about it. I really want to get of the internet (gasp, did I just say that) and talk to Chad. Hopefully, I'll update tomorrow. :)

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mommarazzi said...

E-bear is singing to her boobie. You are brave about the drive. There's no way I could do it!!!