Monday, March 5, 2007

My box in a box for you

Well, everything is in boxes now. The movers where here about 8:15 and done packing up my life by 11:30. They come tomorrow to get everything. The sellers are also coming by at 9:00 to do a "final walkthrough" whatever that means. We are set to close on the house a day earlier, Thursday at 10:00. I will be leaving around 11:00 to go to Tennessee. I know that the drive isnt' going to be as bad as I think it will be, but smooth travel vibes are appriciated. I'll probably spend most of tomorrow cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning as much as I can.

EDITED 8:25 am Tuesday March 6th-I meant to post this last night, but things got a little crazy!

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Sandieth said...

Good luck!! I know this is going to be hard but fun too. I wish we could move somewhere different/new, but Justin's business is here and we do live in a great area.
On the plus side, I might be coming out to AK to visit often b/c one of my best friends might be moving there AND having her wedding there, with me as her maid of honor. Cool huh?