Monday, March 19, 2007

Not a millionaire.

Today has gone by so fast. I guess because the 3 of us slept until 10:30. We were supposed to go see Beth out in St. Pete today, but those plans fell through. Since we already had Kaeden in the car we went to the mall (I know AGAIN) and to lunch with Elizabeth and Ella.

So the most joyus thing happens. Chad gets Kaeden dressed in the new outfit we bought him yesterday and goes to put him in the car. I don't see Kaeden in the outfit at all. Well, he has been so stinky lately with some crazy gas. Chad said he heard him on the way to the mall, and then he smelled something. We didn't think too much about it; like I said he had gas. We decided Steak and Shake was our meal of choice and Chad got Kaeden out of the car seat. As Chad is going to put Kaeden around his waist. I notice poop, of the mustard consistancy, and color ALL over Kaeden's leg and foot. I mean so much that it was dripping on the the pavement. I have never seen so much poop in all my life. We finally get Kaeden cleaned up; thankfully we had a towel in the back of the car. Chad couldn't find the spare outfit in my diaper bag, so I went walking through the mall with K just in a diaper to Children's Place to get him another outfit. If I had seen a mom like me walking through the mall with just a baby in a diaper on, I would have been so quick to judge. I can hear myself now, "That lady needs to put some clothes on her kid." My have my feelings changed now. Either way I was for sure the brand new outfit was ruined, but alas thanks to oxy clean it is good as new. I found out in the process Children's Place spring sale starts tomorrow. OH GOODY!

Chad got his parka today. Like I said we met up with E and mini E and had some yummies at Bennagins. I guess it was the babies first date, you could say they went out for drinks. Elizabeth got some of the cutest pics of them drinking out of their sippies side by side. If I'd stop being so lazy and post this from the lap top, I could post pics. You know me though, lazy lazy lazy.

Well, thats that. Chad has made me laugh so much over IM I have lost my place. I'll update again if anything cool happens.

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