Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On a jet plane

I missed yesterday because, well frankly, dial up sucks. So here is yesterdays update.

My Nana and papaw asked to watch Kaeden while I ran some errands, so I let them. I went to the airport to by mine and Chad's Nana's ticket; that went pretty smoothly. I did have to wait for freakin ever but that's okay. I met some friends for lunch at Roadhouse and it was really cool to play catch up. After that I swung by my Nana and papaws to get K bear and we went to Aunt Linda's house. I did some stuff for her on the computer, but still couldn't get Jamie's myspace cancelled. I will have to work on it when I get back to Tennessee. She gave me some of Jamie's clothes and shoes. They smell like her. I mean they were washed but you know how people have that "scent"; yeah its there. I love huffing it. That probably sounds pretty creepy, but when I close my eyes and hold her shirt close it feels like I'm hugging her again. I told my Aunt Linda I probably wouldn't wash it. She told me I better; so on that note I will. It just may take me until the smell of Jamie fades. Anyway, so getting to spend time with her was so nice. I love having someone I know I can cry to who isn't going to say "Don't cry hunny."

After Aunt Linda's I went back to Nana and papaws for some dinner. YUM. I know I said "Nana's house", "dinner" and "yum" all in the same sentence. My family is laughing at this. We had Zaxby's so it was "yum"! Mike and Lisa came over, and Suzanne too. It was a house full. That was pretty much it for the day; besides stopping by Grans to pick up Kaeden's toy I left at Aunt Linda's and some picture of yours truly.

Oh, and in case you were wondering...I did go to the mall and I did buy something. A new kick booty swim suit! I love it. I hope I get to use it here in Tampa.

Today has been much more eventful. Got up, headed to Nana and papaws for my daily shower and then Kaeden and I took of to the hospital to see ViVi at work. Well me being the complete moron I am goes strait into the parking garage with that soft carrier thingie on top. Yeah, it sure did get ripped off. All I could say while I was trying to park is "Uh oh, Kaeden, mommy made a boo boo" I got my mom to help me and I just took the one strap it was hanging off of down and stuck it in the back of the car; now we have to buy another one. Stupid me. Kaeden went all around the office and got to see all the ladies my mom works with and all the nurses. He went to each lady he saw it was the funniest thing. He also went to Dr. Tony. I've never seen a baby go to a pediatrician like that, but I guess when you aren't getting shots they aren't that bad. After that we went to the airport to leave for Tampa. Kaeden did so well on the flight. I was really proud of him. It took us just a little over an hour to get to Clearwater and Chad's dad picked us up.

So we are here in Tampa...YAY! Only 2 more days until Chad gets here!!!

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