Thursday, March 15, 2007

T minus 20 hours

Until I see Chad. Man, being apart sucks. It has gotten better over the years though. I can remember when I didn't even want to leave the room. Today was a sloooow day. All I did was sit around. I'm pretty sure the weather was really nice.

There was a black snake trapped in the garage for some time until Chad's dad got home to get it out. I was flippin out. Kaeden also threw up big people food (well his mushed bananas and oranges) for the first time. It was so messy. He didn't look bothered by it, just more confused. It really broke my heart into pieces to see my little boy like that.

Thats really all that happend today. Really wish I had just let Elizabeth come over today; that way I could have at least had SOME fun today. Oh well, off to bed.


Jennifer said...

Hey, hope all is well in Tampa, who did you have lunch with? Well I miss you girlie!! love you

Jack Attack said...

Sure! Rub it in that E can come over!!!! I miss ya girlie!