Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tomorrow is just another day and I don't believe in time

Today was a fabulous day. The whole fam went to JCPenny to get portraits made. Yep thats right all 10 of us! They turned out so great! We won't get them back until we are already on the ferry so my mom will have to send them to us. We went and saw Tresa and Charles. It is so crazy to me how Hannah was "little Hannah" just a few years ago and she is so grown up. Crazy. Anyway, the story of the day....

This probably won't be funny to some. I guess maybe you just have to know my family or you would have had to be there but try to imagine this as much as you can.

Lebron desides to take the vette out since it has been nice this weekend and we needed to take 2 cars anyway. After we got done with pictures we all went out to eat at Logans. We are all set to go home and are stopped at a red light. So mom, Lexi, Kaeden and I are behind nana and papaw in their Lincoln. Dube and Chad are next to them in the vette. My nana thinks shes gonna be all funny and says to Dube, "If I were driving I'd smoke you" or something to that effect. Well the light turns green and my papaw nails it. Tires squal, white smoke out the dual exhaust, etc. Lebron doesn't even know what to think at this point and is left in the smoke. He finally gets his act together and takes off. I am watching my papaw and my step dad race down Hixson Pike it is probably the single funniest thing I have ever witnessed. I can hear my nana cussing from 10 car lengths back. that was that. We are watching a movie now. I'm hoping I can beg Chad to take me for ice cream.

UPDATE- she didn't have to beg she got ice cream anyway

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