Saturday, April 7, 2007

corn, corn, and um yeah more corn

So overall today was uneventful but when driving across the country that is very well a good thing. We left Columbia, MO early this morning while it was a lovely 22 degrees, thank god for my parka. the drive drug on across plains of nothing but corn for miles which was nice because traffic was almost non-existant. on the bad side of things the Tahoe is getting increasingly poor gas milage. We started the trip already getting a horrible 14mpg due to the big luggage carrier on the roof which is anything but aerodynamic. As we trudged along I found I had to stop more and more often, each time with less miles to the tank. Arriving here in Sioux Falls, SD we bottomed out at 10.5mpg. If this trend continues we might not make it due to lack of gas stations. Wish us luck


mommarazzi said...
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mommarazzi said...

Yes, I can tell who blogged. You should be getting less mileage anyway because of the ethanol right? But wait...aren't you going uphill? HA!

Editing...sorry I didnt read your next entry before I posted this!

Lana said...

Well written article.