Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just another day

We actually got to sleep in today which was nice. We also decided to check out of the Best Western since they were charging us $80 per day for the pets where as Holiday Inn Express charges $15 for the whole stay, needless to say we are at the Holiday Inn now. We went by and checked out the port we will be leaving from and then went to the mall to find some clothes. Kaeden got his first Build-A-Bear, we actually it's a monkey. I showed him all of the different ones that he could get and when we passed by the monkey we grabbed for it and made it fairly obvious that was the one he wanted to chew on the most. When we got to the stuffing machine I let him stand on the switch to make the stuffing come out and he got really scared. So I comforted him and then he picked out his own heart to go inside. So now we have a new addition for the trip and his name is Nanners.


mommarazzi said...

I demand to see Nanners!

Jack Attack said...